Care Ashore

Commission: 2 x 199kW Biomass Boilers and 2 x 5000 litre accumulator tanks, one supplying Sachel Court, the other supplying a separate block of 7 flats and 14 individual bungalows and maisonettes.

Boiler Type: Herz FM 199kW

Fuel Type: Wood chip

Fuel Storage: Purpose built, timber framed boiler house with adjacent buried silo, allowing wood chip deliveries to be tipped directly into it from above ground.

CO2 emission reduction: 2,600 Tonnes over 20 years

Case History: Care Ashore provides support and sheltered housing to retired Royal and Merchant Navy seafarers from its base on the Springbok Estate in Alford, Surrey. In 2014, The Springbok Sustainable Wood Co-operative was formed to provide a pioneering, ethical and renewable project for community ownership. Douch Biomass were extremely excited to be part of this and were appointed to design, build and commission a wood chip fuelled district heating system for the whole estate. Wood is also sourced directly from the estate to provide efficient community heating with an almost zero carbon footprint.

The Springbok Sustainable Wood Co-operative
A share offer was launched in 2014 to raise the necessary funds for the project, enabling members to ethically invest in renewable energy, with the expectation of a good return on their investment. The Co-operative’s income comes from both the sale of the generated heat and the RHI Scheme.

Douch Biomass also purchased shares in support of the project and our on-going commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Like The Springbok Co-operative, Douch Biomass believe whole heartedly in the importance of bringing unmanaged woodland back into sustainable management and improving local biodiversity.

Date Completed: July 2015