Heathfield House

Commission: Douch Biomass were asked to design and install a biomass district heating system to provide heat and hot water to Heathfield House and five further houses.

The boiler installed is a Gilles 240kW HPKI-R industrial wood chip boiler connected to a 8000lt buffer tank.

Weather compensated temperature controls were installed to allow the flow temperature into the heat main to be controlled and reduced when the weather is warmer, thereby reducing the system heat loss. Douch Biomass only use premium specification heat main to ensure the lowest possible thermal losses.

The boiler is connected to the internet so the system can be monitored on line. Also there are CCTV cameras in the wood chip silo so the fuel level can be checked remotely.

Boiler Type: Gilles 240kW HPKI-R with 8000lt buffer tank

Fuel Type: Wood Chip

CO2 emission reduction: 4200 tonnes over 20 years

Date Completed: May 2017