Laughton Lodge

Commission: Replace the former 200kW boiler with a new 199kW biomass boiler and two 5000 litre buffer tanks, replace old heat main with new pre insulated main, provide a fuel storage system and modify domestic supply controls to ensure more efficient and effective heating.

Boiler Type: Herz Firematic Biocontrol 199kW, with a woodchip fuel handling

Fuel Type: Wood Chip

Fuel Storage: Underground silo store of 70m³; the fuel is transported to the boiler via an auger and sweeper system.

CO2 emission reduction: 1834 tonnes over 20 years

Case History: A co-community housing estate of 23 dwellings in rural Sussex, Laughton Lodge commissioned Douch Biomass to replace the outdated boiler system as part of their environmentally friendly ethos. Douch Biomass was approached to update the existing system by installing a more efficient biomass boiler, variable volume pumps and insulated heat mains in order to improve overall performance and allow the system to be run at higher temperatures than previously, providing better heating to the residences.

Date Completed: Fully commissioned by the end of July 2013