Nutley Hall

Commission: The main buildings at Nutley Hall campus were previously served by outdated, inefficient and unreliable oil and propane gas fired boilers. Douch biomass was commissioned to install a containerised biomass boiler and an underground heating pipe network to Nutley Hall.  We proposed a centralised wood pellet system combined with a backup oil boiler, in a purpose built, timber clad, shipping container set on cast concrete pad foundations.  Trenches were excavated from the container to the main building, to house an underground flow and return, pre-insulated heating pipe network, as well as power and signal cables, and water supply. Heat exchangers were installed in each building in place of the previous oil boilers and interfaced into the existing heating system and controls.

Boiler Type: Herz Firematic Biocontrol 199kW

Fuel Type: Wood Pellet

Fuel Storage: Wood pellets are delivered by lorry, which must be driven to within 25 metres of the container system. Pellets are then blown into the fuel storage section of the container via the connecting hose.

CO2 emission reduction: 2501 tonnes over 20 years

Case History: Nutley Hall is a Rudolf Steiner residential and craft centre for people with learning disabilities, located in the Wealden District of Nutley.  The previous heating and hot water system was an expensive and inefficient oil and propane fired boiler system that didn’t meet the residence’s requirements.  The new biomass boiler will provide a reliable, sustainable and cleaner heating system for Nutley Hall.

Date Completed: September 2013