Woodland Enterprise Centre

Commission: In order to extend an existing district heating system for our clients at Bore Place, the two Windhager BioWin 26kW biomass boilers Douch Biomass had previously installed were de-commissioned and replaced with 2 x Gilles 160kW HPK-RA. However, the Windhager boilers were still in very good working order and had also secured a good RHI tariff rate early on in the RHI Scheme with 16 or more years left to run.

Both Windhager boilers were sold to the Woodland Enterprise Centre to form part of their biomass district heating system supplying heat and hot water to the main building and several office units. Douch Biomass installed them in a containerised plant room and the RHI was secured for the remainder of the term on the same lucrative tariff that had previously been enjoyed by Bore Place, thus renewing boiler equipment to provide renewable energy!

Boiler Type: Two Windhager Biowin26s with 2000lt buffer tank

Fuel Type: Wood Pellet

Date Completed: November 2016