Bore Place - Biomass Upgrade

Commission: Some years ago, Douch biomass installed a pair of Windhager wood pellet boilers as part of a large re-development. As the wood pellet system had been such a success, it was decided to extend the biomass and district heating system across the entire site. To this end the existing Windhager pellet boilers were decommissioned and a pair of new Gilles biomass boilers installed as specified and designed by Douch Biomass.

The two 160kW boilers are housed in the existing plant room, working in cascade mode and fed by two auger systems from the new fuel silo. The system supplies heat to the entire site including the farm, farmhouse and education centre, plus extra capacity for future expansion.

The installation is capable of remote monitoring and operation via the internet. A weather compensated controller has also been fitted to regulate the district flow temperature on the longer heat main runs.

Boiler Type: Gilles 160kW HPK-RA

Fuel Type: Wood chip

Fuel Storage: Existing barn converted to a pair of 5x5m fuel silos

CO2 emission reduction: 1770 tonnes

Case History: A 500 acre organic farm in Kent, providing education and conference facilities, teaching the importance of sustainable food, farming and development. Along with their wind turbine and large solar array, Commonwork is now able to generate all heating and hot water from biomass alone. Using a carbon lean fuel like wood chip produces a fraction of the carbon of fossil fuels, helping towards Commonwork's goal of becoming a fossil fuel free emissions site.

Date Completed: February 2016