Frank Haighton Logs Ltd

Commission: Frank Haighton Logs is a commercial log supply company. Green logs are dried on site using heat supplied by biomass. Due to ever increasing demand for quality logs, the existing 198kW boiler was of insufficient capacity to meet demand, so Douch Biomass were asked to supply and install an additional Heizomat RHK-AK 400kW boiler. The new 400kW boiler was sited adjacent to the existing Heizomat RHK-AK 198 and was connected to the existing radiators in the three kilns, the radiators in each kiln being configured so as to use heat from either the new 400kW boiler or the existing 200kW boiler.

Boiler Type: Heizomat RHK-AK 400kW

Fuel Type: Wood Chip

Fuel Storage: Existing fuel silo above ground

CO2 emission reduction: 4200 tonnes over 20 years

Case History: Frank Haighton Logs has been producing and selling logs for over 25 years, all of which is locally sourced and comes from managed woodlands. The logs are either kiln dried or seasoned, and stored in barns where the air is able to circulate around the boxes under cover. Kiln Dried Logs burn much more efficiently, giving a higher heat output and are therefore more cost effective. They are also clean burning, with less flue and chimney residue than seasoned firewood.

Date Completed: June 2016